What is OPP Bag Packaging?

OPP, BOPP bag package or stretchable polypropylene are different names for the same thing. You might have surely seen these types of plastic bags multiple times in the market. Almost every transparent packaging bag that you come across in the market is made out of OPP material because of its numerous advantages.

OPP bag packaging is the number one choice of most businesses and household users because of its highly beneficial properties. These plastic bags offer exceptional convenience, performance, and versatility. Moreover, OPP bag packaging consists of non-toxic and odorless materials. These packaging bags are used everywhere, from homes and businesses to markets and shops.

If you want to know more about opp bag packaging, keep reading this comprehensive article.

What is OPP Packaging?

OPP bags are made from the combination of two complex PP films. This combination provides these bags with high strength and flexibility. The OPP packaging is also recognized for its aesthetic element because they are quite shiny, smooth, and see-through, providing excellent packaging for various items. Their surface is also scratch-resistant, making them perfect for transporting and shipping.

Even though OPP packaging is used for various items, they are still preferred for high-class things that need protection. You can also print OPP bags to customize them for your business and use them for effective marketing. It helps reflect your brand’s image and protects the contents inside it efficiently.

Benefits of OPP Packaging

Some major benefits of OPP packaging are listed below;

1. Anti-Fogging Quality

OPP bag packaging is widely known for its anti-fogging quality. This property ensures less vision blockage, which provides a clear view of the freshness of food items and the quality of other things. This increases customer appeal and helps in enhanced sales.

2. Breathable Design

One of the major reasons OPP bag packaging is used for vegetables and fruits is its breathable design consisting of double-sided venting holes. It helps the food items to have proper ventilation, which keeps their freshness intact.

3. Explosion-Proof Seals

The seals on these plastic bags are made from a heat-sealing process, ensuring they are firm and secure. It consists of a 5mm adhesive, which provides an explosion-free seal with high durability.

4. Easily Customizable

The OPP bag packaging can be easily customized according to your brand name, logo, or motto. You can hire a professional design team to help you design customizable OPP bags for your brand.

5. Food Grade Material

OPP bag packaging is widely used for storing food items because they are made of food-grade material. It is a surety that food can come in contact with this material and it won’t contaminate it.


You might already be aware of OPP bag packaging, considering how widely they are used in households and markets. Because of their numerous advantages, their demand is increasing daily, and brands have started customizing their OPP bags for a better customer experience. Therefore, it is suggested to switch to OPP packaging if you want to invest in more reliable packaging.