7 Movies You Should Watch This Valentine Season

7 Movies You Should Watch This Valentine Season

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Welcome to February – undoubtedly the month of love – Valentine.

With love in the air, we are starting a series for this month titled “Lovestruck and Heart Attack”, featuring movies in the love and romance genre.


Below, we have a list of 7 movies which will surely be the perfect movies for you this valentine:

Royal Matchmaker

This movie features Kate, a matchmaker, who is hired by a king to find the perfect bride for his son. However, with time slipping out of her hands, she realises that she has fallen in love with the prince. The movie was directed by Michael Rohl and stars actors like Will Kemp. Bethany Joy Lenz, Simon Dutton and others.

The Matchmaker’s Playbook

When Ian Hunter, master wingman and co-founder of the secret dating service, Wingmen Inc., is hired by Blake Olson to help her win over her crush, Ian finds he’s in danger of of breaking his cardinal rule… Don’t fall for the client!

Lovestruck Cafe

An aspiring architect, Megan Quinn, goes to her hometown to convince her mentor to sell her family home. However, things change when she starts working at her family cafe. Love happens in odd times and this is what Megan finally experiences. The movie stars act like Cassidy Nugent, Sarah Jane Morris, Doloris Drake and others.

Love Again

A couple on the verge of a divorce must put aside their differences while planning their daughter’s wedding, only to find that their own marriage may be worth saving after all. Directed by Michael Scott, the movie stars Paul Johannson, Lini Evans, Teri Polo and others.

Summer Romance

A young woman starts to fall for a New York real estate developer who wants to buy her family’s picturesque ranch in Montana.

Cooking With Love

Optimistic and cheerful TV producer Kelly doesn’t have time for love, while bad boy celebrity chef Stephen doesn’t have time for anything besides cooking. When Kelly and Stephen are paired on a children’s cooking show, fun with a side of love ensues.

Unleashing Mr Darcy

The movie is about a lady going into a competition with her dog, and ends upclashing with an arrogant judge. The story ends just as you have predicted, the judge and the lady ends up falling in love.

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