8tch Shares His Thoughts On New EP “Ceiling Conversations”

8tch Shares His Thoughts On New EP “Ceiling Conversations”

In the early days of September, Songwriter and Rapper, 8tch graced us with his presence on Instagram for a live session a day after he released his EP “Ceiling Conversation”. 

He talked about his creative process, and what inspired the album. According to the rapper he said “Ceiling Conversation is just the accumulation of random thoughts you have when you are alone and you’re staring at the ceiling.” He furthered, “I decided to make a conscious project despite the popular demand for commercial music in the country. I wanted to make it a relatable body of work that will speak to the generation.” 

The EP consists of 5 tracks namely; Ceiling Conversation, 9-5 in Lagos, What are you thankful for (Interlude), Heavenly and Money Grip. These tracks are all deep as he used each of them to tackle societal issues and the situation of the country. 

The most popular track on the EP is 9-5 in Lagos, where he rapped about the disturbing life in Lagos and how people go about surviving. You can always watch the video on YouTube. 

8tch also talked about himself, the things he has interest in, and how much he loves talking. Below is a link to our interview with 8tch on Instagram live:

Instagram live video recap > https://www.instagram.com/p/CTpkzajlNGr/

You can also watch a video of our review on Youtube:

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