#FSL: Public Health Elites Win FACSSA Derby To Extend Winning Streak To Five

#FSL: Public Health Elites Win FACSSA Derby To Extend Winning Streak To Five

FABAMSA Super League runs into the fifth gameweek which ushers a win for Public Health Elites in the Old FACSSA Derby against Nursing.

Gameweek 5 was opened with a win for ASSON FC over bottom rooted Rad Boys on Wednesday. Rad Boys scored their first ever goal of the competition but it wasn’t enough as they were brushed aside by a 2-1 loss.

Saturday was full of promises as the anticipated FACSSA Derby was meant to seal the excitement of Gameweek 5.

MLS started the weekend with a win over Pharmacology, rejuvenating their hopes of making top 4 and qualifying for the next round. They came from behind to seal a win over their local rival.

The first draw of the competition was finally witnessed between SPAN FC and Nut and Dietetics as the fight it out for a 2-2 draw.

Public Elites FC edge their opponents – Nursing – by a lone goal coming in the closing minutes of the second half by Obanijesu. This gives Public Elites their fifth win in five games and cementing their place in the top spot, and ASSON FC a close second with 12 points. Below is the log after gameweek 5:

Player of the week for gameweek 4, Okedun Boluwatife of Pharmacology was announced before the commencement of the 5th gameweek, which was awarded by the Sub Dean College of Health Science, Dr Adegoke.

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