How To Identify Values In A Relationship

How To Identify Values In A Relationship

Relationship is not only about attachment with your romantic partner, it can also be how you relate with people around you – your freinds, neighbor and co-workers.

In this article, we will be putting you through values in respect to a relationship. Value can have a lot of meaning but the essential and bedrock for any definition is “importance”. What are the values to be expected in a relationship,


Loyalty can be defined as faithful allegiance to a cause or someone. In a relationship, loyalty relates with the confidence or assurance that your partner will always be there for you. It helps to give stability and a strong foundation for a relationship to build on.

There are basic things that are notable in loyalty, these things ranges from respect, communication, affection, intimacy, compassion, commitment and vulnerability. These things should not be forced, they are natural and needed for the success of any form of relationship.

Loyalty is the basis and the basic thing needed in every relationship, but often times, it is the hardest to portray by couples in a relationship. Below are keys to loyalty in a relationship,

Be Real

Being real comes with the authenticity of the person you are, there will always be someone who loves you for the version of person you portray outside and when no one is looking. People in a relationship try to be who their partners want then forget who they really are.

This adds in the confusion of helping yourself improve on the person you truly are since you are lost in the mix of being someone else who is acceptable to your partner. Everyone is different, you can not always have who you desire as a partner but you can definitely make you partner the person of your desire.

Be Monogamous

For every romantic relationship, fidelity is of utmost importance. Fidelity does not always come in form of sexual attachment, emotional attachment can also be a detriment to your relationship.

When you get involved with more than one person in a relationship, you tend to get closer with one than the other. This strains the relationship with the third party, hence reducing communication and transparency.

How to build loyalty in a relationship:

Keep Promises Not Secrets

There is no justification for making promises if you wouldn’t keep them. Loyalty is broken when you are a notorious for breaking promises and always keeping secret from your partner.

Your partner should be the first person to celebrate with you when you are winning, and also the shoulder for you when you are going through your tough moments. Keeping things from your partner only creates a distance between you.

Don’t Be Judgmental

Everyone’s decision in a relationship should be respected. Everyone has an opinion about every discussion, because you are wrong doesn’t mean you will not be right next time.

Your don’t have to make your partner feel bad for making a contrary decision to yours, or make them feel bad when their plan goes wrong. Don’t be ready to say “I told you so” every time.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable

There is benefit from being vulnerable, when you live your truth, you make it easy for your partner to live theirs also.

Telling your partner everything going on in your life does not make you stupid, you trust them enough to want to share memories with them.

Be Forgiving

Forgiveness is not only about saying it (forgiving the person), it is also forgetting about it.

Forgetting about it does not mean you shouldn’t learn from it or remember the incident that happened, it is only not talking about the incidence with your partner. You don’t have to remind your partner about an incidence you have already forgiven them of.

Holding on only robs you of the current happiness to enjoy in your relationship. Letting go might be hard, but holding on hurts more.

Be Committed To Working On Yourself

Be what you want in others.

Don’t expect your partner to accept you the way you are, aim at working on yourself. As an individual, working on yourself helps you to portray the best version of you that can be out there.


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