How To Invest In Self Love

How To Invest In Self Love

The central topic for the month of March is Act of Self Love. On the second episode of the series, we will be talking on more ways to treat yourself right.


Below are few things you can do to help your self worth and love for yourself:

Put Yourself First

Being a kind person does not mean sacrificing your happiness to satisfy someone. Putting yourself first does not mean you are selfish, do not put pressure on yourself.

Trust Yourself To Make Good Decisions

Our instincts are always right most of the time, search deep for answers within yourself rather than gathering unfiltered answers from different source.

Trust yourself to make the best decisions for yourself, being responsible means making right decisions and standing up for the wrong decisions you make.

Learn To Celebrate Yourself

Be proud of whatever win you have and always congratulate yourself for it. No matter how litle it may be, you were able to make the right decisions in winning it.

Opportunities Are Meant To Be Taken

Opportunity they say only come but once, but you are not limited to the number of opportunities you can create for yourelf in a lifetime. Do not hold yourself back because you either learn from an opportunity or you gain from it.

Set goals and aim towards achieving these goals, you either achieve the goals or put yourself in a better position to set higher goals.

Allow Yourself Feel Emotions

Emotions are natural feelings that every human being is capable of having, this can be pain, love, happiness and fear. Restraining how you feel will only in turn hurt or haunt you, be willing and process your emotions.

This emotions can help you understand who you truly are, and learning to be a better person by understanding that you are not your emotions. For example, evalutaing and understanding your fear is an healthy exercise which helps you to gain clarity on issues giving you anxiety.

Be Appreciate Of Beautiful People Around You

Appreciating the beauty in people or things helps reveal the beauty in you also and you find peace in yourself.

Be grateful for everything that brings you happiness, focus more on the positives than the negatives in your life.

Don’t Die In Silence

Being bold is like a muscle, it grows everytime you exercise it. Learn to know when and what to say, do not be ashamed of contributing your thoughts.

Be at peace with yourself by airing your opinion and saying how you feel because your voice is as important as anyone else. This helps you to have confidence and self belief in yourself to be able to talk and make people listen.

Be Kind To Yourself

The world is filled with vile people, only the person in the mirror will be truthful to you. When you look in the mirror, say kind words to yourself because making a mistake is only part of living, you don’t have to hate yourself for failing or making a mistake.

Random appreciation of yourself helps you to feel good about yourself. Doing kind gestures to yourself like going out to the movies, going on a vacation, buying new clothes, anything that makes you feel happy.

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