#IniTalks: Reasons To Fight For Who You Love

#IniTalks: Reasons To Fight For Who You Love

Fighting for who you love is not as important as the person also been ready to fight for you.

Just like tango, it takes two people to make it work in a relationship, in this article we will be talking on why you should fight for what you love. The burden of “what ifs” will always be on you if you don’t try to fight for what you love.

Below are reasons you should fight for who you love:

It Shows Committment

Trying to save what is left of a relationship shows you are still capable of loving that person and you are willing to love again. It shows the level of courage you have to show love to this person, this alone gives the person reassurance about the relationship.

They Deserve Your Best Try

This is about how you fel when the thoughts of the person crosses your mind, do they make you feel resentment or you feel happy about them.

For someone who makes you feel happy, it is only right to let them know how good they make you feel and give everything you have because if reversed was the case, same will be done for you. At the end, you can say you gave it your best shot at saving a relationship with someone who deserves it rather than living with the regret of not trying.

It Makes Your Partner Understand How You Feel

Trying to save your relationship doesn’t only come with you doing all the fighting, it involves you asking the necessary questions also.

Necessary questions in a relationship helps understand where you are heading in the relationship, it also helps each other understand how you feel when you talk about it. Expressing yourself and communication is another language of reassurance in a relationship.

Communication solves every problem that wants to be solved, because if you are not willing to fight for it then it was not really love.

Wrong Timing

This is in the case of people trying to be in a relationship with someone, you might be getting the wrong feedbacks because you are doing the right thing at the wrong time.

This might even not be about you but more about them, coming from a rough breakup or the fear of facing another hearbreak, the willingness to wait patiently for them while they are ready proves the genuine love you have for them.

Love is always patient and gentle, if you truly love the person and they are worth fighting for then you will not find it tasking to wait.

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