#IniTalks: The Habit Of Adding Value To Others

#IniTalks: The Habit Of Adding Value To Others

Habits are characters we exhibit over a long period of time, that has seem a part of us effortlessly.

Making it an habit of adding value to others does not only make them feel better about themselves but also make you feel better about yourself.

Adding value to others does not have to be dependant on who the person is, treating people with value and making them feel important should be a default habit till they teach you how they want to be treated.

Below is a couple of ways you can add value to others:

Habit of Forgiveness

Forgiving people takes a lot of energy from both parties – the person asking and the person been asked, but it takes more from the person forgiving as it shows how strong you can be.

The best part of forgiveness is forgetting what was done but learning from it. Showing people you are capable of forgiving even when it proves hardest gives a conviction to people that people still willing to see the good in others still exist.

Have a Listening Ear

We all have different ways of letting our emotions out, some people only want to talk to someone who is ready to listen and not judge them.

Been a listening ear is not only about listening to what they have to say, it is showing you care and remembering in details what you are being told.

Be Merciful To People

Nobody is perfect, don’t always look for the fault in others. People will forget what you do or what you say but will never forget how you made them feel.

Focus on the good part of people and encourage them to work on their faults. A kind word of encouragement is what some people need while trying their best, this can motivate them into doing more than they have been doing.

Cheering People Up

Be happy for other people’s success. Everyone has their own time and season, other people’s success does not delay yours.

Other ways to add values to others are: financial help and encouraging with kind words.

In conclusion, the measure of our love can be seen in how we treat strangers and people who has nothing to do for us in return.

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