[MOVIE REVIEW] Chief Daddy 2: The Sequel We Didn’t Need

[MOVIE REVIEW] Chief Daddy 2: The Sequel We Didn’t Need

Chief Daddy 2: Going for broke has been making waves on the internet since it aired on Netflix at the beginning of the year.

The movie (Chief Daddy 2) that was written by Mo Abudu and directed by Niyi Akinmolayan has mostly received negative reviews on the internet because of its underwhelming plot, unimpressive story element, and unnecessary long scenes. It serves as a sequel to the first version released in 2018. 

Despite the movie being star studded, starring lot of big names from different fields in the entertainment industry, their talent was cut short and no character was effectively brought to life.

It was generally a waste of every minute spent as it was an unnecessary sequel and most of the scenes and comedy were forced. Watch full video on youtube;

The movie is streaming on Netflix and available in the cinemas.

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