[MOVIE REVIEW] Daniel Ademinokan With A Perfect Blend On “Gone”

[MOVIE REVIEW] Daniel Ademinokan With A Perfect Blend On “Gone”

After over 25 years in New York, Animashaun (Sam Dede) returns to his old life in Nigeria to find out the changes that has happened while he was away.

This intriguing movie is a Daniel Ademinokan making starring the likes of Sam Dede, Stella Damascus, Gabriel Afoloyan and so much more. Unlike the traditional Nigerian movie, this breaks some little boundary in relatability and has some insightful messages.

The action sequence in the movie was captivating and close to perfection, the only but in the movie were some of the unnecessary characters who didn’t add anything special to the file. Also some scenes were too long.

Overrall the movie has a rating of 7/10. Check out the review on our YouTube channel:


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