#MovieTalkShow 9 Romance Movies To Watch This Love Season

#MovieTalkShow 9 Romance Movies To Watch This Love Season

Love at first dance

It’s the second episode of “Lovestruck and Heart Attack” series for the season of Love. 7 movies were recommended on the first episode of the series, giving us a feel of love as we prepare for valentine.

On today’s episode, we will be recommeding 9 romance movies for people in love and those hoping to either fall in love soon or appreciate love through others. Checkout the movies below:

A Dash Of Love

This movie has a rating of 6.7/10 on imdb and 4.4/5 on Voodoo. The chefs are winning hearts easily as this is another movie about a Chef – an upcoming chef, who got a job and was in a fight with a customer. The beginning of every love story is not always rosy. The casts for the movie are Jenn Lily, Brendan Penny, Candice Mcloy, Ben Witkinson and others.

Love Locks

The movie is all about a woman and a janitor who is her first love. For most people, their first love is always the hardest for them to let go. This movie portrays the difficulty in getting over your first love and the ratings for “Love Locks” is 6.5/10 on imdb. Casts for the movie are Rebecca Romjin, Jerry O’connel, Bruce Stevenson, and others.

Love At First Dance

Finally, we have one for the dancers after the floor had been hijacked by chefs. Well, you may need more than just dance to steal someone else’s husband, you’ll need to be strong, courageous and brave. Do you have what it takes?

Rating for the movie is 6.6/10 on imdb

All Anything Or Love

Writers are not left out this love season, as love finds a writer in a Navy camp. We truly find love in mysterious places, but don’t go to a navy camp if you are not brave. “All Anything Or Love” is rated 6.6/10 on imdb and features actors like Steve Bassey, Reece Alexander and others.

Love’s Complicated

From criticizing a writer’s work to falling in love with her, Love is truly complicated. This movie is about a writer who fell in love with her critic and rating is 6.5/10. Casts for the movie are Ben Banks, Fredo Edwards, and others.

All Things Valentine

A blogger who experiences terrible luck on Valentine’s Day meets a handsome veterinarian. When she finds out that he’s the one who’s been leaving rude comments about her articles, she begins to question whether her luck has really changed. The movie is directed by Gary Harvey and features actors like Gelsea Mae and Dan Ross.

Love And Sunshine

A woman has been fostering a dog as she recovers from a broken heart. As the owner returns to claim the dog will sparks fly or will it just lead to another broken heart? Movie Director is Ellie Karner and features stars like Danica McKellar Mark Deklin and Christine Chatelain.

Love In Design

The host of a popular home renovation show is asked to renovate a Lewisburg Manor for the latest episode. However, she must work with her old lover to finish the given task on time. Rating for the movie is 6.3/10 on imdb.

My Secret Valentine

Chloe Grange begins to take advice from a series of notes left on the chalkboard by a mysterious tenant while she is trying to stop the sale of her family’s winery. Stars featured in the movie are Andrew Walker, Peter MacNeill, Catherine Bordon, Lacey Chabert and others.

The movie is rated 6.6/10 on imdb.


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