#MovieTalkShow: Omo Ghetto “The Saga” Elevates The Nollywood Game

#MovieTalkShow: Omo Ghetto “The Saga” Elevates The Nollywood Game

Omo Ghetto: The Saga which is the third instalments for the Funke Akindele street life franchise melted our hearts with a nice story telling, and to top it is a great action sequence and beautiful picture quality.

Funke Akindele return to play the twins in the movie, showing how Lefty was adjusting to the life of coming from a wealthy family. Since the streets couldn’t leave the character, she got intertwined in hood drama which endangered the life of her sister.

The captivating moments in the movie was majorly the action sequence, compared to other Nollywood movies, it was really a beauty to behold. The scene dialogues are something worth pointing out, the movie all round is a class on it’s own.

After breaking the Nollywood Box office grossing over 350 million naira in total, the movie went on breaking the record Marvel’s Avengers Endgame from 2019.

Omo Ghetto: The Saga now available on Netflix is worth the hype and Funke Akindele deserves the accolade. Watch our review on youtube:


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