Oxlade Apologizes For His Leaked Sextape

Oxlade Apologizes For His Leaked Sextape

Ikuforiji Olaitan, better known as Oxlade, has apologized to his fans for his leaked sex tape.

Three days after the sex footage was revealed, Oxlade issues an apology via his social media pages – Twitter account and Instagram story.

Oxlade apologized, saying he is not the type of guy who would willingly disseminate such material. He hinted at being betrayed by the person or people who released the tapes, then apologized to the woman on the recording as well as his “fans and well wishers.”

I am conscious that my business is out in the public and I am not the type of person to put my personal business out there. Betrayals are very real and in this same token I want to apologize to the woman inthe video, who did not deserve this type of exposure and lastly apologies to my fans and well wishers.” his apology read.

Check below for the picture shared on his social media page, Twitter:


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