The Act Of Self Love

The Act Of Self Love

Self love is simply being able to love yourself how you are, not bothering about people’s opinion about you.

Often times, the lack of self love and self belief has led many people into depression. On this discuss, we will be giving you steps to help you get your lost self love.

Be Yourself

Comparison is a thief of happiness. The more you try to see what others have that you don’t have, the more you get blinded to what you have.

One of the ways to help this cause is focusing on yourself, spend more time on how to be a better version of yourself that you lose track of other people’s business. This does not stop you from being happy for others.

Opinion of Others

People will always have an opinion about everything, that does not make their opinion valid.

Walk with people that cherish the little you have, keep people with like minds around you not people who always try to make you feel less of yourself.

This is not about surrounding yourself with people who will gas you up but rather people who will be truthful about their opinions about you. People who are emotionally intelligent enough not to make you feel bad for telling you the truth about how they feel.

Allow Yourself Make Mistakes

It is okay to fall and rise, if you have never felt failure then you won’t know how it feels to succeed.

Imperfection asserts that we are humans. Make mistake so you can learn and grow from them. This also comes with embracing your past and moving on from it, not holding on to your mistakes.

Your Physical Appearance Doesn’t Define You

Do not spend too much time bothering on what you have no power over. Nobody chose what skin color, race, country, height etc while being giving birth to.

Accept yourself for who you are. Your value comes from what you can offer, not what or how you look like. Being comfortable and finding happiness in how you look does not neccesarily means throwing modesty out the window.

Let Go Of Toxicity

Never be afraid of leaving people who make your life feel miserable. It hurts starting all over again but the hurt is incomparable to staying in the toxicity.

Toxicity drains you in every way and most times the people never take responsibility for making you feel less of yourself. They only treat you that way because you let them, if you don’t protect yourself they will never stop.

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